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Actor James Woods Blasts African American Museum for Rejecting Conservative Icon

James Woods

Conservative actor James Woods is very vocal on social media and has a great following, so when he says something of substance, which is all the time, his message resonates very quickly. The Smithsonian Institution just opened the National Museum of African American History and Culture which included many prominent figures in American history but one prominent African American was slighted and Woods took notice.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a strong man and an equally superb justice who seems to do his utmost to follow the constitution as did Justice Antonin Scalia.  Instead of highlighting his life, the museum decided to focus on Anita Hill, a woman who was placed in the spotlight by Democrats to thwart Thomas from being named to the Supreme Court bench. Exploits of an alleged sexual harassment situation were tagged against Thomas who took it in stride but ended up with a sullied reputation.

Hill is who she is; she was bought and paid for by Ted Kennedy (who you might remember was not a citizen of honor or paragon of virtue). History is fascinating if you do your research and not listen to the press.

Too bad the museum will always have an asterisk around it, and people will concern themselves with the scandal of this than on the museum itself. They did themselves no favor by excluding prominent African Americans like Thomas.

From CNS News:

Actor James Woods thinks that the exclusion of Justice Clarence Thomas from the new National Museum of African American History and Culture is “absolutely appalling.”

It was recently reported that Justice Clarence Thomas, who this year marks his 25th anniversary on the Supreme Court, was excluded from the museum, which celebrates black history, struggle, and achievement. The museum opened last month in Washington, D.C.

The museum has a display of Anita Hill, who accused Thomas of creating a hostile work environment while her supervisor at a federal agency. She outlined her allegations during Thomas’ 1991 confirmation hearings.

Woods tweeted: “This slight of Justice Thomas is appalling. Now even the Smithsonian bears the stain of #liberal bias.”

The left controls the narrative in this country, in our textbooks, in our schools, in our universities, in our media and now, even our museums. It is a shame how Justice Thomas has been treated.

Woods is one of the finest actors in Hollywood and smarter than everyone in that liberal industry. It’s like I said earlier, it’s a shame kids will have to grow up not seeing the 2nd black man to serve on the Supreme Court. Hopefully, that is fixed in the near future.

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