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If Liberals Were Star Wars Characters… They’d Be The WORST Ones!

Star Wars

It would be too easy to say the left is the “dark side” and the right is the “light.” Mostly because the Dark Side is cool and no one on the Left is worthy of the comparison. So, here are some universally despised Star Wars characters paired with universally despised lefties.

Joe Biden as Jar Jar Binks

A dopey, clumsy, seemingly lovable buffoon suddenly thrust into power? What could go wrong? Jar Jar, like Joe Joe, fell butt-backwards into a place of authority. No one takes them seriously and yet both have been pivotal for a lot of bad policy decisions (Obamacare and the Dissolution of the Republic, respectively).

Lois Lerner as Admiral Ozzel

Who? Admiral Ozzel is your typical slimy bureaucrat: nothing is ever their fault and they assume they can do what they want with impunity. He screws up the Empire’s chance of overtaking the Rebellion at Hoth by letting his arrogance get in the way. Not too different from the way former IRS official Lerner was determined to undermine conservatives at all costs! She was as clumsy as she is stupid!

Share which Star Wars characters pair best with real world politicians in the comment section!