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Jeb Bush Is DONE!

Jeb Bush

Poor Jeb! It looks like his famous name and boat-loads of cash is not going to be able to save him … at least, not if he continues to perform on stage like this:

Yes, last night was the third, and easily the worst of the GOP Presidential debates. And for candidates like Jeb, slipping in the polls, it was a priceless opportunity to get back into the fight.

Perhaps that’s why he called out Florida Senator (and his onetime protoge) Marco Rubio for missing votes in the Senate. And perhaps it’s a reasonable argument … but only if you have the cojones to make it forcefully and with passion!

Instead, poor Jeb gave us a canned line, and backed it up with … nothing.

When people write the obituary of the former Florida governor’s presidential campaign, last night’s disaster will feature pretty heavily.

What do you think of last night’s debate? Let us know below.