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Jeb Bush: My Father Is the Greatest Man Alive

Say what you will about Jeb Bush – his stance on such major issues as immigration and implementation of Common Core are sure to be viewed skeptically by our readers – but a recent response to having the name ‘Bush’ is an instant classic.

Jeb was speaking at the Detroit Economic Club when Regional Chamber President Sandy Baruah brought up the fact that some people would like to remind voters of his last name.

Baruah was implying the Bush name was a negative.

He then asked Jeb the following question:

What impact does having a father and brother who have served as president weigh on your decision to potentially run?

Jeb didn’t miss a beat, saying that his brother, George W. Bush has “been a great president” and that his father, George H.W. Bush “is the greatest man alive.”

He added jokingly, “If anybody disagrees, we’ll go outside.”

Watch Jeb’s response…

What do you think of Jeb Bush’s response to sharing the same last name as his Presidential relatives? Do you agree with his assessment of H.W. and W.?