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Jeff Dunham Reveals Achmed The Dead Terrorist Has A Son – I Can’t Stop Laughing!

jeff dunham

So if you know Jeff Dunham, then you know he has revitalized the comedy of ventriloquism.  Dunham has great characters such as Walter (the grumpy old man), Peanut, Jose Jalapeno On Stick, Bubba J (the redneck) and of course Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

The best part of Dunham’s act is political correctness gets thrown out the window. Think of a ventriloquist version of Don Rickles. That is Jeff Dunham.

In this hilarious clip, Dunham is working with Achmed the Dead Terrorist who he introduces to the son he never knew he had. The results, are uproariously funny:

That is tear inducing laughter right there! Dunham is one of the best and quite frankly, the country needs more comedy like this. Stop getting offended and just start laughing!

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H/T Tell Me Now