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Black Lives Matter Leader Gets Robbed At Gunpoint! Calls For…

Jerry Ford Jr.

There’s an old saying that everybody hates the police until they need them. Well, one Black Lives Matter leader found out that despite his anti-police rhetoric he still needed them to come to his rescue.

It’s a surprise more in the Black Lives Matter movement haven’t realized this yet. They claim to care about black lives, but they only seem to notice when black lives are lost when they’re taken by police. In reality, over 90% of blacks are killed by other blacks, primarily due to gang violence. You know what would prevent a lot of this violence? More police in their communities.

A University of Houston grad student active in the local Black Lives Matter movement is suddenly all for police patrols in his neighborhood — after he was robbed at gunpoint outside his apartment.

Jerry Ford Jr., described as one the leaders of the BLM movement on campus, tells KTRK that he spotted the young man loitering outside his apartment one evening last week but thought little of it. But when he went to unlock the door, the man pulled a gun and stole Ford’s wallet and cell phone.

Ford lives at an apartment complex just a few blocks from the UH campus in an area that has seen a spate of robberies and thefts in recent weeks, including the burglary of dozens of vehicles. Because the housing is off-campus, it is not patrolled by University of Houston police officers. Ford says that needs to change.

“I hope they would take a bigger stance and put more security over here because you have a lot of people walking back and forth to class,” he told the station.

There was a saying during the crime wave of the 1960s that a conservative was just a liberal who had been mugged.

It took this BLM activist to be mugged by reality for his views to change. At least he’s open minded – that can hardly be said for the rest of BLM.

H/T Fox News

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