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Jesse Jackson Invokes Slavery But You Won’t Believe What For!

Jesse Jackson

Just because the DISH network drops WGN America doesn’t mean it’s because of racism! Jesse Jackson never saw a race baiting payday he didn’t like, probably the reason why he sucks at economics and basic math fundamentals.

Jackson is claiming that DISH network is cancelling subscribers access to WGN America because of a TV show?

America has been tired of watching Jackson and his counterpart Al Sharpton blackmail businesses and government officials using slavery and the “woe is me” argument every time they don’t get their way. This was a programming issue, and I can plainly see that.

The WGN America channel which used to be called the WGN superstation, which mirrored the TBS superstation, was big back in the day but its time has come and gone, just like racism.

America has gotten past racism but we still have relics from the 60s and 70s who just won’t let it go.┬áRacism doesn’t have a house in my world. As I watch over the landscape of America, I see small fires of senile poverty pimps continuing to raise the flag of hate, hoping for someone to walk to them so the can have an audience.

Jackson is the one holding that flag.

From Newsmax:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson invoked slavery in condemning Dish’s decision to stop carrying WGN America, which is home to the critically acclaimed “Underground,” over retransmission fees.”Is Dish using the same kind of math with ratings that the old south employed when enacting laws that counted African-Americans as three-fifths of a man?” wrote Jackson in a letter released by his Rainbow Push Coalition.

“Underground” chronicles the story of the Underground Railroad that helped many African-Americans escape the South, one that Jackson calls “inspiring” and in need of retelling.

“For far too long African-Americans have been underrepresented and unfavorably portrayed on television, silencing the significant contributions they have made to this country. ‘Underground’ is a crucial part of a brand-new day of diversity on television that sheds a bright light on the bravery, ingenuity and power of the African-American experience, and is being used as teachable moments in homes and history classes around the nation at a time when we need it most,” he wrote.

In a statement, Dish wrote: “We are skeptical that Rev. Jackson is truly interested in finding a fair deal for Dish customers.”

WGN America is airing an “Underground” marathon on July 2 and Dish consumers will not be able to view it.

I wouldn’t put too much into this and hopefully it all goes away without anyone getting paid off, which is probably what Jackson wants.

You have the ability to stamp out racism and the bastards that keep it going on a daily basis. You have to make up in your mind that you aren’t going to accept it anymore, stop giving it access to your life, your family, your neighborhood and keep pushing the ideas of freedom and personal responsibility.

Believe me, it works.

What do you think of Jackson’s complaint the Chicago TV station was taken off the air because of a slavery TV show? Share your comments below and give me some of that passion you call your thoughts!