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‘Jihadi John’ Proves the White House Wrong on Cause of Terrorism



The White House was hoping to promote its agenda selling Americans on the root cause of terror being poverty, instead of a hatred of the ideals the Western world holds dear. The White House would have you believe that somehow the actions of jihadists are the fault of the West, due to economic exploitation of the Third World and resulting poverty. In a major speech last week on ISIS, the President said¬†“we have to address grievances terrorists exploit, including economic grievances.” Thus, the President of the United States rationalized and excused terrorist activities, giving credence to the idea that there is a valid reason to behead innocents.

Unfortunately for President Obama, one of the leading jihadists to emerge from the well-publicized ISIS beheaders nicknamed ‘Jihadi John’ isn’t a downtrodden young man from an impoverished land, but instead a born-Brit from a middle class family who was privileged enough to attend University there. Mohammed Emwazi, the real name of ‘Jihadi John’ had all the opportunities in the world and yet he still chose to behead, with his own hands, freedom-loving Westerners from around the world.

In an opinion piece for CNN Peter Bergen, a National Security Analyst set the record straight on who decides to leave the comforts of the Western world in search of fomenting terror,

New America has studied the backgrounds of some 250 U.S.-based militants since 9/11 who have been indicted in or convicted of some kind of jihadist terrorist crime. They are on average middle class, reasonably well-educated family men with kids. They are, in short, ordinary Americans.

As with every other issue, these pesky facts won’t stop the Obama administration from burying its head in the sand while lying to the American people about another matter of life-and-death importance. As long as President Obama and his team continue to refuse to see what is plainly in front of their eyes, more Americans will die.

Comment below! How should the Obama administration respond to ISIS beheadings?