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Jim Rome Mocks Army Band ‘Dorks’ and is Swiftly Beaten Back

Sports talk radio host Jim Rome took to Twitter during a New Year’s Day run of college football and blasted the Army Field Band as “dorks,” wondering if anyone thinks seeing them “run around with their instruments” is cool.

The Army Field Band immediately took to social media, and tweeted out this rather effective rebuttal.

Other military band members started piling on and it wasn’t long before Rome had to pull the tweet and issue an apology.

Army Sgt. First Class Lauren Curran appeared on Fox News and referred to Rome as “misinformed” and said the Army Field Band are “future leaders,” not dorks.

Watch below …


The Army Times took a little bit of an extra shot at Rome, reminding those in the Army Field Band who might not recall the singular incident that put Jim Rome in the national spotlight … Getting his a** kicked by NFL quarterback Jim Everett. Take a look …



Was Jim Rome out of line, or were the Army band members being too sensitive to his joke?