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He Waited 71 Tears for the Cubs World series – and These People Made It Happen

Jim Schlegel

The Chicago Cubs haven’t won the World Series in more than 100 years, and the last time they competed for the championship was 1945.

One man, Jim Schlegel was 26 years old in 1945, and had the opportunity to see his beloved Cubs play the Detroit Tigers in person in the all-important game 7. Schlagel had just completed 4 years of military service in the Army during World War II, and the chance to see the Cubs play in game 7 was the chance of a lifetime.

71 years after Schlegel saw game 7, his granddaughter set up a GoFundMe page to help him return to Wrigley to see his Cubs play in the World Series again, and wrote a powerful message hoping to raise money:

My Grandpa is 97 years old. He served in Pearl Harbor and is the BIGGEST Cubs fan I know. He had the opportunity to go see the Cubs in 1945 World Series Game 7 and still has the original ticket stubs. He has been waiting since that heartbreaking day, to see the Cubs in World Series. Please help my Grandpa witness the Cubs in the World Series again.

The page has already raised over $12,000 and the CEO of Camping World Marcus Lemonis even donated two tickets for Schlegel and his son to attend game 3 on Friday night. Since Schlegel and his son already have tickets, 100% of all the money raised on GoFundMe will go to the Purple Heart Foundation.

Regardless of your allegiances, all Americans should be happy that Schlegel has the opportuntiy to see his beloved Cubs play in the World Series again!

H/T: Mediaite

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