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Jimmy Fallon’s Joke About Obama Being On Snapchat Is Hilarious!


Earlier this week, the White House announced that they’d joined the video and image messaging app Snapchat.

An announcement claimed the administration wants “to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Administration.”

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon offered his take on why using Snapchat makes perfect sense for President Obama.

Fallon: “Some more news out of Washington. I saw that the White House joined Snapchat yesterday. It’s a great platform for the White House because moments after you make a promise, it magically disappears.”


Check out Fallon’s joke below:

What makes this joke even more spot-on is the fact that a video was released just yesterday which shows a montage of 140 broken promises Obama has made at past State of the Union speeches.

Check it out:

Comment: If you could Snapchat with President Obama, what would you send him? Tell us in the comments section below.