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Why Are Deranged Liberals Celebrating This Insanely Dangerous Thing On Camera?

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Jimmy Kimmel loves to do “man on the street” to get the pulse of Americans and usually it’s funny but this is ridiculous. Several people who live in Hollywood actually congratulated North Korea for allegedly detonating a hydrogen bomb.

Honestly, to think of where this world will be in 20-25 years, it’s frightening!

People of the world, get a clue! Stop separating yourselves from what’s happening in the world because it’s going to bite you in the tail before you know it.

“You would think that the idea that North Korea might have a hydrogen bomb would be somewhat alarming to those of us who are here on the West Coast,” Kimmel said in a set up before the segment.

“We went out on the street today, and its seems like if you ask people a question in a cheerful enough manner, we Americans will offer congratulations for just about anything,” Kimmel added.

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The Kimmel team did fib to folks on the street by telling them that the world was congratulating North Korea, and asked them to do the same, but they still gladly did.

“That’s really good,” a young woman with an umbrella said. “Congratulations North Korea, finally, I mean, it’s about time, you know!”

“I think that if you do believe that one day, dreams can come true, I think,” a man wearing glasses added. “It’s definitely a Disney thing to do.”

More folks encouraged North Korea to stick to its dreams.

“Congratulations North Korea!” another woman said. “That’s awesome!”

“Congratulations Kim Jong-un on everything you’ve done!” a young lady with a British accent said. “You’ve done a really good job, keep it up, stay safe, good work!”

While these Americans wished North Korea the best, the dictatorship has been condemned around the world, even by its ally, China.

What the video below and prepare to be shocked by some of these responses:

What are your feelings after watching this video? Are you angry people seem to be this disengaged from the real world or do you feel sorry for them?

Share your thoughts below in the comment section.



  1. John says:

    This is a sick society really and do any o you young people out there would want WW3.
    Do any of you want to be happy when WW3 hits anywhere in e world even f it hit America too for that mater.?
    You people below the age of 40 are mental cases and this is just shocking as to how any of you think.
    Earlier last spring it was gay marriages and the fact is that GOD will wipe them all out of his next coming kingdom.
    You all are sick and the proof is here in this about all of you.

  2. Mandm says:

    I am not disengaged, the people on the streets are really not in tune with what is happening in our country. Are they even turning on the news channels and listening to what is going on? Do you only watch things about what is happening in Hollywood? You all are in a dream world, you have no clue as to what is going on, and yet you don’t feel ashamed about how little you know. Shame on you America, you are the future, and we are doomed, because you are all Non educated. Do you even know who N. Korea is, or where it is? Do you even care? NO, you do not.