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Jimmy Kimmel Captures These Kids on Camera to See What They Are Thankful For — AWESOME!

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This is video GOLD!

Jimmy Kimmel sent out a reporter to pick the brains of young kids before Thanksgiving. The question posed was, “What are you thankful for?” The results were unexpected to say the least.

Some of these adorable kids were thankful for their families, friends, and their pets, while others were grateful for plants. One of the little boys said he’s thankful for “plants because plants give us air.” Ok, I will let him slide on that one.

The next little girl said she was thankful for “sushi and garbanzo beans.” Interesting. Speaking of food, one little boy made multiple appearances during the interview, because he was thankful for delicious sustenance. He named off a wide variety of dishes, ranging from pizza, fried chicken, chili fries, gravy, chicken nuggets, and he even mentioned lettuce.

I love to watch little kids give their unfiltered answers for questions like this.

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You can’t make this stuff up! One little boy had the winning answer. When asked the question he stated proudly, “Not flying United Airlines, I hate them… Delta. Always fly Delta.”

Check out this awesome video here:

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H/T – Jimmy Kimmel Live