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Jimmy Kimmel Takes To The Streets To Ask Regular Americans About News That Never Happened in 2015 — Nobody Caught On!


Jimmy Kimmel is back, and we’ve got him on Headline Politics. We showed you his prank on kids during Christmas but in this one he’s taking on the adults.

You wouldn’t suspect grown adults to get caught by Kimmel’s team, and these made up stories about Cosby, Madonna, Beyonce, but that’s our culture today.  Each lie was completely outlandish, and the people they interviewed in the video bought into all of them.

One man went along with the story that Blue Ivy used the Leaning Tower of Pisa as her slip-n-slide after Jay-Z bought it for Beyonce. “I was jealous,” said the man.


Other lies included President Obama playing a hybrid car in a new Transformers movie to promote eco-awareness, Charlie Sheen contracting rabies, a dinosaur being brought back to life, the late John Lennon and the late George Harrison performing together in Madison Square Garden and Madonna dying at the age of 96.

Don’t laugh too hard, these are real people!

H/T- Jimmy Kimmel

Do you think you would have been caught not knowing the news? Share with us what you thought watching everyday Americans know nothing about what’s going on in the world.



  1. Ed says:

    And the all voted for Obummer.

    This is very sad if true but for this country it seems to be the norm today.

  2. Bill says:

    These people vote.