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Johnny Cash’s “Ragged Old Flag” Is As Timely And Important As Ever!

As the liberals try their best to burn the country and our flag down on college campuses and elsewhere, it is important that we remember that our flag means something.

Men and women have fought, bleed, and died for our flag. It is more than a symbol. It is a sign of hope. A sign of freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

The intolerant left is taking this freedom for granted. They burn the flag, they threaten those who disagree with them with violence, and they have this warped idea that “Free speech” only applies to their ideas.

Well, Johnny Cash had a message for them. His “Ragged Old Flag” is a wonderful story of what our flag and our country has been through. We as a nation don’t always pay the flag the attention its due, but the Man in Black is going to make darn sure we understand what the flag means and we respect it.

Johnny has a special message for those want to burn the flag:
“I’ll shoot you..” he added “…with the love of the Lord”

Please Enjoy Johnny’s powerful poem “Ragged Old Flag”

Many forget what our symbols of freedom truly mean. They think just because they have the right to disrespect our flag and our troops, that you should do it.

We need more respect in this country. Respect for our flag, our constitution, and for each-other.

Thank you Johnny for reminding us that we are a free nation because of the respect we have for our flag and what it symbolizes!

H/T The Political Insider