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Jon Stewart Rips Patriots Coach: ‘Made Up Bulls*** Physics’

If you’ve been under a rock in recent weeks, you might not know that the New England Patriots have been accused of cheating in games by deflating their footballs below NFL standards, making it easier to catch and throw than their opponent’s footballs.

In the AFC Championship game, 11 out of the 12 footballs used by the Patriots were found to be overly deflated, while their opponent had all 12 of their balls in perfect condition.

Pats head coach Bill Belichick recently held a tortured and painstaking press conference in which he used ‘science’ to explain how this could happen. He claimed that such factors as atmospheric conditions, temperature, and humidity could have deflated the footballs.

But only their footballs. And only 11 of them for that matter. Because the opposing team wasn’t apparently playing in the same atmosphere.

Comedian Jon Stewart gave Belichick the Daily Show treatment, calling his press conference the “first episode of Professor Belichick’s Made Up Bulls*** Physics 101.”

Take a look…

Via Grabien:

STEWART: “Flagrant equipment tampering! Raising questions as whether the 45-7 blow-out win over the Colts was due to cheating. And without that, it maybe more like 38-7. Obviously, a deflated ball would be easier to throw and catch especially in inclement weather. The Patriots were quick to deny the accusations. Coach Bill Belichick brought the science to back it up.”

BELICHICK: “We all know air pressure is a function of the atmospheric conditions.”

STEWART: “Science! Yeah! I guess the question would be, though, but for only one team?”

BELICHICK: “It’s similar to the concept of when you get into your car and the light comes on and it says low tire pressure because the car’s been sitting in the driveway outside overnight, the atmospheric conditions as well as the true equilibrium of the ball is critical to the measurement.”

STEWART: “This concludes the first episode of Professor Belichick’s made up (bleep) Physics 101. Come back next week, we’ll talk about the speed of the earth’s centrifugal force affects specific gravity of coin tossing! Not the two-headed coin we have.”

Pretty funny stuff. But tell us, do you believe Belichick is telling the truth? Or is it as Stewart says a bunch of “made up bulls***?” Do you believe the Patriots cheated?