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Journalist Fail! Watch What This Sportscaster Fakes on Live TV


It’s hard to feel sorry for TV presenters. After all, they are smug, liberal, elitists who spend their days spouting vapid nonsense in front of a camera.

But they are human, too. And sometimes, they deserve our pity.

Like this guy: Chris Mitchell

He’s a sports reporter for the BBC, and in the video below, he’s seen signing off his segment.

In years gone by, presenters used to shuffle the papers in front on them when the lights dimmed. But in the modern world, the presenters have come up with a new trick: they play with their i-Pads. And when you don’t have an i-Pad? That’s easy.

Just pretend:

Poor old Chris got found out. But don’t worry. It’s not the first┬átime a journalist has been found faking. And there’s no shortage of clips showcasing the mistakes made by presenters when they think the camera has stopped rolling.

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H/T: mashable.com