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No, Worrying About Voter Fraud is Not ‘Racist’

Joy Reid voter fraud

Listen, I know the liberal left, and I do have to break it down like that because we do have the liberal right, want to use racism for anything and everything and I am damn sick of it. There is no use for this rhetoric during this election and shouldn’t be tolerated in this country.

However, we do have sick individuals like MSNBC Joy Reid. When liberals don’t have anything intelligent to say they start the black people racist talk. It’s just getting old. Stop with the color we are all human beings.

From NewsBusters:

Previewing Wednesday’s final presidential debate, MSNBC’s Joy Reid dismissed concerns about voter fraud as nothing more than those “who feel that black people are stealing our elections.” Reid appeared on a Hardball panel and attacked the issue as a “dog whistle to the far right.” She sneered, “It is feeding the Breitbart people who feel that black people are stealing our elections. That’s all it is.”

Washington Post journalist Robert Costa eagerly agreed: “Joy’s right. Let’s remember the history here. You go back to the Republican Party of the 1950s before William F. Buckley. You had this old right that would speak of things like globalists. There was the John Birch Society. What we’re seeing a revival of the strand that has been part of the Republican past.”

JOY REID: The reason to bring it up and the reason that isn’t just Trump that brings it up — Sorry. John Husted does the same thing when he is trying to undermine the opportunity to vote by making it harder and harder and harder. It is a dog whistle to people who want to believe that African Americans are cheating.

Reid is deplorable. I’ve seen her several times on air blatantly, rudely talking over anyone that says anything negative about Hillary. I wonder how much the campaign is paying her. Is she another plant to incite racial undertones and promote violence?

If not, she is just another ignorant woman who never lived through real racism but won’t let it go because she feels entitled to reparations. That’s like saying because other people won the lottery you deserve too as well.

Reid, I can’t believe you would inject racism into allegations of voter fraud, although it shouldn’t surprise anyone. You are ridiculous, and downright pathetic, as are your TV interviews. You go into fits when your guests don’t agree with you and your liberal views.

Can you believe Reid associated calling out election fraud as a code word for black people cheating? Share your comments and concerns below in the comment section.

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