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Judge in This State Just SHUT DOWN a Witness’ Request to Take Oath on the Koran (BOOM!)


A Pennsylvania judge dropped the hammer on a request by a Muslim woman to take her oath on a Koran, instead of the Christian Bible.

Interestingly, her husband went along with giving an oath on the Bible. But she wasn’t so willing:

The woman’s estranged husband, who is also Muslim, swore on the Bible before his testimony.

But he argued that her refusal to do so could be construed to make his testimony seem less truthful, and he argued to the court that her actions were a type of witness intimidation.

The judge rejected the woman’s argument that other states allow the use of non-Christian holy books.

The Pennsylvania statute, which calls for oaths on the “Holy Bible,” does allow for non-religious oaths, affirmations, and unspecified other types of oaths.

“Which oath so taken by persons who conscientiously refuse to take an oath in the common form shall be deemed and taken in law to have the same effect as an oath taken in common form,” the statute reads.

The woman and her attorney did not challenge the judge’s refusal to allow an oath under the Koran under that portion of the law.

America’s laws are based on our nation’s Judeo-Christian background. There is a deep tradition in common law in which perjury is tied to swearing on the Christian Bible, and it is that tradition which this judge was trying to uphold.

Do you oppose Muslims being allowed to swear on the Koran to testify and imposing their own laws? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.



  1. Rick says:

    It wouldn’t matter. A muslim is under no obligation (as ordered by the Koran) to utter a binding oath to a non muslim. In fact is commanded by the Prophet (a mass murderer was he) to actively lie to a kaffir

  2. Brien says:

    If you accept the Bible, then you must accept the Koran. That would be the
    American way, the democratic way, the way founded on equality for all.

    However, put some thought as to whether any ‘holy’ book should be allowed to make oaths of truth.
    These ‘holy’ books have not been verified as truth, they are not founded upon any provable truth; there is no evidence as to their factual basis in truth.
    In fact, therefore, these books, until they are verified, are based on lies and fraud and justifiably must be kept out of the court room.
    I am surprised a case has not been made yet by a witness that any evidence based on these books must thrown out as the witness has made an oath on a fraudulent book.

  3. Tyler says:

    How is it that my nation, which has God in its constitution, is somehow more secular than yours, which does not. If you really value freedom of your citizens, you will keep your state religiously neutral, end of story.

  4. Richard says:

    It is hard to dispute that both the Bible and the Koran were not fairy tales written by human beings, particularly with regard to text relating to supernatural beings or miracles. Nothing that can happen in nature can be considered as supernatural or miraculous; miracles exist only in the imagination of superstitious or gullible people who cannot rationally think for themselves or who are unable to separate fact from fiction, or reality from imagination. According to one description: “The Bible is the biggest catalogue of myths, atrocities and crimes against humanity ever recorded. Brutality from start to finish with inserts of fairy tales. NO omnipotent, compassionate loving being could be like the god of the Bible.”

    A court of law is about the administration of justice, justice from a human evaluation of the facts, or views so presented. Why do we need witnesses to swear from religious books which are themselves brimming with stupidity, immorality, cruelty, barbarism, sadomasochism, racism, etc etc.

    Another opinion expressed by someone familiar with the Bible:
    “If you must seek a god, then at least don’t limit yourself to the psychotic bastard in the bible. Any god worth a hoot is light-years beyond that unhinged, genocidal, bloodthirsty nutcase.”

    And can anyone dispute that Allah is not believed to be so-called God of Abraham, in other words, the God of the Old Testament?

  5. Leona says:

    This is America, this is our belief. If you need to swear on the Koran, then go do it in your own country, not here.

  6. Tolona says:

    Has no one thought this one through? So what if Christians think the Holy Bible is the only Holy book on earth? If someone else doesn’t think so, when they swear on the Bible, they may as well be swearing on the phone book… js

    1. Pookster says:

      You DO understand that its not that Christians think that the Bible is the only Holy book out there, right? This is about the TRADITIONS of an entire nation. If you move to any nation in the world, you are expected to abide by THEIR customs. You are expected to conform to THEIR way of doing things, not the other way around. America is no different. OK? So check your emotions and think logically. You don’t move to England if you value the ability to own a firearm, right? You don’t move to Iraq to privately worship Christianity, do you? No. You choose where you go based on where you get the most out of your beliefs. But that means that, while you get some freedoms, you also make some sacrifices. That’s life. It is all based on what you deem acceptable. If you move to America for the freedoms it offers, you have to accept the things you DON’T like as well as the things that you do.

  7. rich says:


  8. HELP says:

    I do, The bible is our way! If they want to use the koran go back to your country!

  9. With the well-known Islamic Kuranic taqiyya, any “oath” taken may not be adhered to. And it’s no different when taken on the Bible either. I’ve served on a few juries in my life, State and Fed. Our adversarial system will hopefully expose dishonesty.

  10. bill h says:

    Our country….our rules…..our Bible. You want to use the Koran? Go back to YOUR country.