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Judge Jeanine Accuses Obama of Being Comfortable with Terrorism

Judge Jeanine Pirro, known for her fiery criticisms of the President, absolutely shredded him for having little concern about the safety of the American people in the wake of ongoing terrorist attacks.

Responding to his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast, in which the President seemed to say that Islamic terrorism was okay because the Crusades showed that Christians have done bad things in the past, Pirro accused Obama of being perfectly okay with terrorism.

Her conclusion – “Barack Obama is comfortable with extremism.”

She then assumed the role of the President in explaining why he was comfortable with the heinous acts being perpetrated by terrorists, shrugging “It’s part of what happens.”

Pirro added, “Your nonchalant attitude puts our entire nation in jeopardy.”

Watch Pirro’s brutal take down of the President below…

The Judge went on to give the President a brief history on why Islam and modern day terrorism do share common factors.

The first World Trade Center attack in 1993 – by Muslims.

The USS Cole bombers were Muslim.

The Fort Hood shooter was Muslim.

The Shoe Bomber was Muslim.

The Underwear Bomber was Muslim.

The Boston Bombers were Muslim.

The September 11th hijackers were Muslim.

She challenged the President to name “what other violence is being committed against Americans in the name of any other religion?”

He won’t, because he can’t. There is no other religion in which these atrocities are being cited as a motivator.

Pirro finished by demanding that Obama “Stop defending Islam, start protecting Americans.”

What did you think of Judge Jeanine’s statements? Is she spot on in her assessment?