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Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Hillary’s Champion For Women Narrative!

Judge Jeanine

Judge Jeanine Pirro usually has EPIC opening statements during her weekly show on Fox News and this last one was no different. Pirro, who is a Donald Trump supporter, came out swinging at Hillary Clinton’s faulty character and how she was not a champion for women. Pirro used many examples of Clinton’s past in this segment to bring her monologue to life.

Hilary’s track record does support itself where women are concerned but know this; she will destroy anyone, female or male, who gets in the way of her ambition. Not to mention the multiple lies, corruption, manipulation, unethical behavior, ridiculing a defenseless child of a rapist, pay-to-play, the death of four Americans and her careless, heartless remarks “what differences does it make.”

Let’s not forget the FBI and Loretta Lynch behind the doors of the aircraft deal with her husband, Bill. The list of Hillary and Bill’s deplorable ways dates back 30 plus years.

Bill and Hillary are made for each other. I wonder if they groomed their daughter to carry on the family legacy of repulsiveness.

Pirro broke it down so a layman could understand the severe hatred Clinton holds for anyone other than who is in her circles.

From Fox News Insider:

“What’s more offensive? Words or actions?” Judge Jeanine Pirro asked in her ‘Opening Statement’ on Saturday.

“The presidential election in 38 days comes down to the battle of political corruption versus truth—where one candidate chooses political correctness, [and] the other [is] brave enough to state the obvious,” Pirro said on “Justice”.

“One says things not politically correct: not run through the prism of the contemporary political lens. The other…carefully filters [her words] and then flat out lies to [our] faces,” Pirro said, pointing to Hillary Clinton.

Pirro particularly criticized Clinton for claiming to be a champion for women and families.

“You tell me what’s worse—name-calling or lying to grieving parents as their sons’ bodies lay cold in caskets…and then turning around and calling those parents liars,” she said, referring to allegations by Benghazi victim Sean Smith’s mother Patricia, who said Clinton lied to her about the circumstances of her son’s death.

“And although [Donald Trump] may be impolitic, and while I am not a fan of things he said 20 years ago about a woman—under a contractual obligation to maintain her appearance—your history with women is about destroying them,” Pirro continued.

I’m not willing to put up with any more of Clinton’s repulsive ways and lifestyle.

When is Hillary going to apologize to the women who claimed her husband Bill raped, and she condemned and smeared? To Monica Lewinski who she called a liar and the American people she claimed were a “vast right-wing conspiracy”? We are STILL waiting for Mrs. Clinton.

What did you think of Pirro’s opening statement? Did you enjoy watching that passion and fact-based talk about why Hillary’s narrative of championing women is just that, a narrative? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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