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BEST Judge Judy Case EVER! Scammer Gets OBLITERATED!

Let’s say you go to buy some new cell phones for yourself and a family member on Ebay. You make a purchase, wait a few days, then are surprised to find you’ve been mailed not cell phones, but photos of cell phones. You’d be pretty ticked off if you paid $500 for that, wouldn’t you?

Such was the case on an episode of Judge Judy, where the defendant claimed that her ad was clearly specifying the auction was for a photo of a cell phone only.

She thought she was being cute, but any rational person knows that when you bid on a cell phone on Ebay, there’s a reasonable expectation that you’re expecting….. a cellphone!

The scammers defense didn’t hold up in court, and there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching Judge Judy explain why not! Watch below:

Her scam may have made her $500, but she ended up paying $5,000!

I’m sure she won’t miss the money, though – it’s just some pieces of paper after all.

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