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Fox Judge Just SHOCKED The Establishment When He Said THIS!!

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“Fox & Friends” recently reported on the growing outrage and frustration among Republican voters at how Party Insiders are manipulating the process to produce the outcome they desire in the presidential race.

Judge Andrew Napolitano pointed out that what is being done by the parties is within the rules, but he admits it is “not consistent with fairness.” They both are seeking to prevent the nomination of someone outside of what the party controllers want to be the nominees.

Judge Nap speaking on the Colorado voting situation:

Here’s what the courts have said, the Republican Party is a private club, the Democratic Party is a private club, they are not the government, even though when you vote in the primary it looks like an election, feels like an election, you use the same equipment where you go for an election and you go to the same place and it’s not an election, it’s not run by the government. The private clubs can run their organizations however they see fit.

The rules were made known eight or nine months ago, they were available for anyone to read them.

Judge Nap speaking on issue of knowing the rules:

If you are going to complain you didn’t like the outcome, you outta know what the rules are. What I have enacted these rules, with the court enacted these rules, Are they consistent with fairness, Probably no, no, and no. But the courts are not going to interfere with these rules anymore then they would with the running of the NFL or the Moose Lodge.

Judge Nap on the issue of fairness:

The people that Trump is railing against in both parties are the elites that run both parties have a certain fear and the fear is that somebody outside the mainstream, outside of their thinking could be nominated. So the Democrats in order to prevent a Jesse Jackson from getting nominated and the Republicans in order to prevent Ron Paul from getting nominated constructed and crafted these rules so did those that run the party could always have a residual of votes to sort of neutralize the votes these candidates got.

He busted both parties in the mouth during this interview, and you can watch it right here:

H/T – Fox News

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