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Hilarious! Judge Can’t Get Enough of the Reason Woman Got a Parking Ticket!

We’ve all received a B.S. speeding or parking ticket at one time or another. Have I been pulled over for going 28 mph in a 25 zone? Yup (though in all fairness, it was a campus cop, and what the heck else do they have to do?) Have I ever been ticketed because I returned to my car ten minutes after my parking meter expired? More than once.

I paid my tickets online, and that was the end of it. But imagine having to go to court over a ticket more trivial than mine. And I’m talking extremely trivial. Like not being allowed to park somewhere until 10¬†and getting ticketed at 9:59:58 . If you’re that unlucky, even the judge may have sympathy for you.

Watch the hilarious exchange below:

The judge just has that grandpa quality of “I’m gonna screw with you for a bit, but I am still gonna take care of you.”

The next time any of us are in court, hopefully this is the judge we get!

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