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Judge SHUTS DOWN Muslim’s “Cultural Differences” Defense

There are some liberals who seriously believe that no cultures are superior to one another. This is why they’re so quick to explain away any disparities between different groups with “racism” or “oppression,” rather than by acknowledging that some cultures produce better results than others.

The old “cultural differences” excuse has been used to explain away the frequency of sex crimes committed by refugees in Europe. Sweden is offering their refugees classes on “how to treat women.Norway is offering formal instruction to refugees that rape is wrong.

As Ho Air’s Allahpundit puts it, it’s “good advice not just for national policy but for life in general: If you find yourself in the company of someone who needs it carefully explained to them that rape is wrong, you’re probably better off not trying to cultivate that acquaintance.”

With this kind of nonsense, migrants essentially learn that their “cultural” differences can be used as a defense. But luckily, that didn’t work out as planned for one man…

An illegal Muslim immigrant stalked 2 Western women, repeatedly raping and assaulting them until he was finally arrested and charged. During trial, he told the court that the brutal rapes weren’t his fault because “cultural differences” were at play. However, instead of caving to political correctness, the judge dropped the gavel on the migrant.

Fathi Abdisalam Dridi, a 32-year-old from Tunisia, is exactly the kind of migrant that conservative outlets have warned would gain access to the West through the refugee crisis. Having lied on his asylum application, Dridi was admitted to Britain as a refugee from Palestine after fooling border police into believing he was in danger and needed refuge. In reality, he was an economic migrant and would wreak havoc on civilians during his stay in Europe.

The Swindon Advertiser reported that Dridi was accused in 2014 of repeatedly raping a local woman and sexually assaulting another. He pleaded not guilty to four counts of rape and two counts of sexual assault in Swindon Crown Court, but it was his controversial defense that offered insight on the danger of political correctness.

Dridi told the judge that he was not guilty of the rapes of two women, defending his heinous actions by citing a favorite excuse of the left. He claimed that “cultural differences” were at play and that he could not be held responsible for what was acceptable in his Islamic country, according to The Sun. Fortunately, the judge wasn’t buying it.

After Dridi was found guilty, the judge responded to the rapist’s appalling excuse by slapping him with 16 years in prison — but that’s not all. After serving his lengthy sentence, the judge announced that Dridi will be deported back to Tunisia. The Western Daily Press reports that he has already been served with deportation papers as a promise that he’ll be thrown out of the country.

H/T Mad World News

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