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BREAKING: Wikileaks Founder Just Received HORRIBLE NEWS! Hillary Is…

Julian Assange Health

Julian Assange’s health is in jeopardy, however these reports have surfaced just as the WikiLeaks founder has threatened to release even more damaging details about Hillary Clinton. Assange’s WikiLeaks has been responsible for almost crashing the Democrat Party piece by piece. His goal was to show America just how bad Hillary Clinton will hurt America if she is elected.

Now reports of his mental health being at risk have surfaced.

I don’t believe this for a minute. The left is probably trying to undermine his credibility before he drops the October Bomb on Hillary! We the people weren’t born yesterday!

Julian Assange Health

From Yahoo News:

WikiLeaks on Thursday released medical records claiming its founder Julian Assange’s mental health was at risk if he remained in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, ahead of a court hearing in Sweden to decide whether to maintain an arrest warrant for him.

More than four years since Assange moved into the Ecuadorian embassy to escape extradition to Sweden — where he faces a police investigation into rape claims — WikiLeaks argued his confinement there needed to be brought to an end as a matter of urgency.

“Mr Assange’€™s mental health is highly likely to deteriorate over time if he remains in his current situation…. It is urgent that his current circumstances are resolved as quickly as possible,” said a report published by the organisation on Twitter.

The 27-page medical report is attributed to an unnamed “trauma and psychosocial expert” in London and dated December 11, 2015.

The newly-released medical report, accompanied by supporting documents, is said to be based on interviews with Assange and includes comments from others at the embassy.

According to the report, Assange often goes up to 22 hours without sleeping, although he has access to a treadmill for physical exercise.

“Until June 2015, Mr. Assange felt himself to be resilient but significantly degraded…,” the report said.

“Since June 2015, however, his physical condition has deteriorated due to limited range of movement, inability to exercise normally and constant pain,” it added, quoting the unnamed expert.

Medical complaints outlined in the report and also the records included pain in his right shoulder and dental pain from a fractured tooth.

This is nothing but Yahoo trying to damage his credibility before he drops a bomb on Hillary Clinton. It’s amazing how predictable these people are. They’d come after him harder on allegations of sexual assault except that Hillary’s husband has a dozen or so such accusations of his own. Yahoo News is just propaganda at this point.

Do you think Julian Assange is really sick or is Clinton trying to silence him?

Do you believe Assange’s mental health is at risk? Is this some ploy to get him removed from the Ecuadorian embassy so he can be apprehended? Share your opinions in the comment section below.



  1. Gary says:

    We know one rapist here in America, Bill Clinton,
    and nobody has done anything about that.

  2. Adrian says:

    Assange should surrender to the Swedes. Rape is rarely prosecuted there as the women are sexually aggressive and even if he is convicted the Swedish prisons are like country clubs.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  3. Cliff says:


    1. Gunflint says:

      How many more Death’s who oppose the Clinton Machine ?? The Clinton machine would say..
      “As many as it takes” …You,Me, & every American Patriot Only Hitler, & Stalin can answer how many deaths does it take to stay in power….