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Breaking: Republican Preparing To Quit Presidential Race After ‘Super Tuesday’!


Given that Marco Rubio is likely to be shut out on Super Tuesday, the campaign is huddling with supporters Wednesday to decide what, if any, the best path forward is for the campaign.

From Politico:

As it confronts the possibility of a disappointing Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio’s campaign has invited top supporters to a Tuesday briefing on Capitol Hill to discuss the path forward.

On Monday afternoon Rubio deputy campaign manager Rich Beeson sent an invitation to backers announcing a “Super Tuesday and beyond briefing” to be held on Tuesday afternoon.

In the email, Beeson writes that Rubio campaign manager Terry Sullivan and other top advisers “will be walking through the map and the delegate math.” Rubio spokespeople didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Here’s a video on Rubio’s Super Tuesday effort:

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  1. Mandm says:

    I will believe it when I see and hear it!!

  2. Don says:

    Rubio AFFAIR Scandal Surfaces!
    By Kosar
    EXCERPTS FROM : http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/breaking-just-before-voting-ends-in-nv-rubio-scandal-re-surfaces/
    As the Nevada GOP primary caucus is underway, reports of an extramarital affair Rubio had with a Washington, D.C. lobbyist have surfaced.
    Per sources in Florida, Marco Rubio – while serving as the Speaker of the Florida State House of Representatives – used an American Express credit card from the Florida Republican Party to pay for AT LEAST 17 separate trips for Rubio and lobbyist Amber Stoner. Strangely, she would frequently end up in the same destinations, at the same time:
    The records are publicly searchable on The Florida Times-Union website.
    Florida insiders are asking why a healthcare lobbyist would travel on his credit card… including to some resort towns?
    The personal lives of candidates shouldn’t matter, but they do. That’s because when you are the Leader of the Free World, details like this can lead to unethical behavior and blackmail. This is a dangerous accusation that is about to explode just at the wrong time for Rubio.

  3. Don says:

    Marco Rubio’s 7 Top Achievements in U.S. Senate
    (1) The Rubio-Schumer Gang of Eight Bill
    The Washington Examiner’s Byron York has described the 2013 Rubio-Schumer bill as Rubio’s “signature accomplishment.” Rubio’s immigration bill would have tripled the issuances of green cards, doubled the dispensation of foreign worker visas, and granted citizenship — and, thereby, welfare access and voting privileges — to illegal immigrants.
    Moreover, Rubio was also able to successfully strike down all conservative amendments to the Gang of Eight’s proposal. As Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) pointed out, ““Marco and Schumer basically had a secret deal to block all amendments.”
    (2) Obamatrade
    Sen. Rubio cast the 60th and deciding vote to fast-track the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. By giving President Obama fast-track powers, Rubio essentially helped to ensure the passage of not only the TPP, but all subsequent trade pacts, which are now liberated from Senate filibuster, amendment process, and constitutional treaty vote.
    Moreover, Rubio was also successful in promoting foreign currency manipulation by helping to vote down a provision to crack down on the illicit practice that had been proposed by Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH).
    (3) Blocking Curbs to Muslim Immigration
    Rubio told Sean Hannity he’d “hate” to block funding for Obama’s refugees, and suggested that curbs on Muslim migration would be unconstitutional. This pro mass-migration offensive helped give Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) the space he needed to wave in a vast new group of Muslim migrants.
    Rubio further lent aid and comfort to Paul Ryan by joining a large group of Senators in voting down a proposal offered by Sen. Rand Paul to curb Muslim migration. In 2015, Rubio introduced an immigration bill which would have allowed for an unlimited increase in Muslim migration.
    (4) Enabling His Corporate Backers to Replace Americans With Foreign Workers
    In 2015, Florida Disney laid off scores of Marco Rubio’s constituents and replaced them with low-wage foreign workers brought in on H-1B visas. However, before terminating their American employees, Disney forced Rubio’s constituents to train their lesser-skilled foreign replacements.
    Shortly before the Disney workers got the axe, Rubio introduced legislation in January of 2015 to massively expand the H-1B program. Rubio’s 2015 Immigration Innovation Act would have tripled the number of H-1B visas. Interestingly, the bill was endorsed by Disney’s CEO Bob Iger via his immigration lobbying group, the Partnership for a New American Economy. According to Open Secrets, the Walt Disney Corporation is one of Rubio’s biggest financial backers, having donated more than $2 million.
    (5) Blocking Food Stamp Reform
    In 2011, Marco Rubio voted against a Republican proposal which the Congressional Budget Office projected would save the U.S. government $10 billion by reining in the abuse of the food stamp program. Rubio was one of only seven Republicans to oppose the measure, but his no vote helped stall momentum for food stamp reform– which remains elusive.
    (6) Benghazi
    As George Will pointed out, Sen. Rubio gave his “enthusiastic support of the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton intervention in Libya.” Indeed, as the Washington Examiner wrote at the time in a piece entitled “Rubio takes the lead to support Obama’s war in Libya.”
    The destabilization and chaos that resulted from the overthrow of Qaddafi not only provided an operating ground for ISIS, but also provided the conditions that led to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi. Rubio may not be responsible for the actual attack, but he supported the needless Regime Change which destabilized Libya, whole heartedly!
    (7) Worst Attendance Record
    Reports note that Sen. Rubio has amassed one of the worst attendance records in the Senate, which is quite an achievement. The Washington Post writes, “Since the beginning of the year, Marco Rubio has cast votes about two-thirds of the time he could have — the worst attendance of any senator seeking a presidential nomination.”