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Just In: Trump Just Secured GOP Nomination After Receiving MAJOR News!


Not only is Trump likely to win the GOP nomination, but new polling suggests that most Republicans now see the GOP frontunner as likely to win in November!

According to a new AP-GFK poll, 86% of Republicans think Trump can and will win the general election:

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has already won about 33% of support from Republican voters in the polls and early voting states. His rallies are filled with women, men, military veterans, Christians, wealthy retirees and blue-collar workers.

Trump’s critics have said for months that he’ll never be able to grow his lead with all of the controversies he’s had, like with Pope Francis recently, skipping the Iowa debate and his attack on former President George W. Bush.

According to a recent AP-GfK poll that just came out, Republican voters and those thinking of voting Republican say Trump is the best candidate to handle the issues. They also say Trump is the most decisive and competent for the job of president.

More Republicans say they would vote for Trump than those who say they wouldn’t. 86% of GOP voters believe Trump can win the general election, which puts him 15% point ahead of his closest rival.

Do you think anything can stop Trump’s run towards the White House in November? Share your thoughts below!!

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  1. Robert says:

    Trump the man with a plan and Testicles big enough to make the plan work. Unlike the limp wristed HUSSEIN OBAMA.!!