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Just As The Plane Takes Off, He Captures Footage Nobody Ever Wants To See!

It’s 2015. We all fly or have flown. Air travel is extremely common, and most of us are now comfortable with it.

flight H2-112

That is, until you see parts of the engine fall apart during taking off! Which is exactly what passengers witnessed on Wednesday as evidenced by the video below.

The plane was an Airbus A319 departing Santiago. Here’s a description of the incident from Aviation Safety.

Sky Airline flight H2-112 returned to land at Santiago-Arturo Merino Benitez Airport in Chile after both engine cowl doors of the no. 1 engine broke off during departure.
The Airbus A319 took off from runway 35R at 07:39 hours local time (10:39 UTC). After losing both cowlings on the no.1 CFMI CFM56-5B5/P engine the aircraft circled back and landed safely on runway 35L at 08:04 hours.

This incident is (at least) the 39th event of the loss of an engine cowl door on an Airbus A320-family aircraft. The U.K. AAIB issued several safety recommendations in their July 2015 report of an accident involving Airbus A319 G-EUOE that lost the cowling doors on both engine on departure from London-Heathrow.

Buckle up and check out this video:

I am a cool character when it comes to flying, but this one would take the cake.

How about you? Do you think you would have stayed composed and calm? Share your comments below and then add this to your Twitter/Facebook timeline to see if others would do the same.

H/T – Carlos Troncoso, Aviation-Safety