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JUSTICE: Actress Who Played Race Card on Police Just Got What She Deserved!


Daniele Watts, the Django Unchained actress confronted by police officers when she was having sex in a parked car, and who claimed they had profiled her as a prostitute because she is black and her boyfriend is white, is getting a unique and very fitting punishment.

Originally charged with lewd conduct, Watts and her boyfriend have pled no contest to “disturbing the peace with loudness” in exchange for lesser charges.

As part of the deal, they must apologize to the officers they wrongly accused of racism.

Via Fox News:

An actress who accused Los Angeles police of racially profiling her after she was accused of having sex with her boyfriend in a parked car last year was ordered Monday to apologize to officers.

Daniele Watts, best known for her appearance in the 2012 film “Django Unchained,” pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace with loudness and was ordered to write an apology to three police officers and the occupants of a building near where she was briefly detained this past September in Studio City, Calif.

As part of their plea deal, Watts and her boyfriend, Brian Lucas, were also ordered to perform 40 hours each of community service, according to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. The case will be dismissed and not appear in public records if the pair remain out of trouble for one year.

Listen to audio of the confrontation between Watts and the police officers…

How fitting is it that the person heard in that audio tape – who plays the race card, fame card, and then tries to save herself by calling Daddy – now has to write an apology to the police officers she wrongly accused of profiling her?



  1. Tony says:

    I guess the movie gig must not of paid so good ,she couldn’t afford a room ??

  2. Vickie says:

    The race card is so dog-eared, it’s almost funny.

  3. Brenda says:

    It is time the blacks Muslims and Mexicans quit pulling the race card no one is above the law when you break it you pay no matter who you are if you dont like American laws go to Iran when they are through with you will will kiss American soil.