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JUSTICE: Mizzou Professor Charged With Assault!

During the protests over nothing at the University of Missouri (Mizzou), one story that went viral was of a student being threatened with assault by a Mizzou professor in a so-called “safe space.” A video of the confrontation can be viewed below (skip ahead to 6:15):

The professor in the video was quickly revealed to be communications professor Melissa Click. Her CV reveals that her areas of research cover topics including Lady Gaga, gender in Twilight, and the relationship between Fifty Shades of Grey and post-feminism.

As you can see, not exactly an “essential employee” if we value what our tax dollars go towards.

As Reason reported, Click’s luck may be running out:

The University of Missouri communications professor I dubbed “the scowling face of campus repression” has been slapped with a misdemeanor assault charge, according to the Columbia Prosecutor’s Office.

Authorities decided to charge her with third-degree assault for threatening to sic some “muscle” on a student-journalist attempting to cover the rally at Mizzou in the wake of President Tim Wolfe’s resignation in November. The charge, a Class C misdemeanor, carries a max sentence of 15 days in jail,The Kansas City Star reports.

Meanwhile, more than 100 Republican state legislators have called on Mizzou to fire Click, who previously held an honorary appointment in the journalism department.

Do you think Mizzou should fire Melissa Click? They wouldn’t hire anyone with an assault record – so why would they refuse to fire someone for having one? Share this post on Facebook and Twitter.