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Did Hollywood Star Justin Timberlake Just Commit Voter Fraud?

Justin Timberlake vote

Pop Singer Justin Timberlake almost got put in jail over something many people don’t know but should. Timberlake was getting ready to take a photo to document his time voting for Hillary Clinton. It’s against the law in many states to do so and could result in jail time.

I’ve been in this situation before. Back in 2012, I took a photo of my ballot when I voted for Republican nominee Mitt Romney. I was happy that I was participating in the voting process, I had to let everyone know. I posted it on Twitter and went about my business. My phone started ringing like I had got a huge retweet from a major star, but it turned out to be warnings from friends. They wanted me to take it down as it was against the law in Maryland to do that.

I know sometimes you can get wrapped in showing off your actions but Timberlake should have known better but then again he probably didn’t care until he learned authorities were looking into the case.

Justin Timberlake vote

From TMZ:

Justin Timberlake is in the clear … the official in the Shelby County D.A.’s Office who told us they were looking into a possible criminal violation in connection with JT’s selfie at the voting booth now says he screwed up.

As we reported, Justin’s selfie is a violation of a new law that prohibits Tennessee voters from snapping pics or recording their movements at the polls.  A violation is punishable by 30 days in jail.

The official told us … the matter was “under review,” but he now says he made a mistake. He says although the D.A. was aware of the selfie, no law enforcement agent, election commission official or police officer had filed a formal complaint, so the matter wasn’t on the table for review.

So Justin’s in the clear, and we’re guessing Hillary got a vote.

Timberlake got off by saying he made a mistake but in my case I probably would have received the “ignorance is no excuse.” Star status is the only reason he got away with this, anybody else would be in trouble.

Do you think you would have gotten away with this “mistake?” Share your voices below in the comment section and let me know what you think.

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