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Kaepernick BOOED in Miami After Praising Fidel Castro!


Fidel Castro is dead, and Miami is alive. Many of those who reside in Miami’s “Little Havana” live there because they were fleeing Castro’s regime. They’ve seen his brutality firsthand, and know a heck of a lot more than any idiot you see on Facebook trying to defend the man.

But just a day before his death, Fidel was in the news for another reason. Colin Kaepernick (the man who is protesting the national anthem because he doesn’t want to “honor a nation that oppresses black people”) was wearing a shirt bearing a picture of Fidel at a press conference. If the man was really protesting oppression, he’d burn that shirt like fans are burning his jerseys. But of course not – he had nothing but praise to heap upon the dictator, unaware that his death would occur within the next 24 hours.

Kaepernick’s shirt and Fidel’s death brought all eyes back on the dictator, and when Kaepernick played a game in Miami, the crowd was less than pleased with his enthusiastic support for a tyrant.

Just days after Kaepernick offered public praise for the now-deceased former ruler of the Communist island, the controversial football star was vociferously booed Sunday as he took the field with his team in Miami, where they were playing the Dolphins.

The Miami area is home to the largest concentration of Cuban exiles and their descendants, an overwhelming majority of whom revile Castro.

Miami defeated San Francisco 31-24.

Kaepernick unwittingly found himself at the center of another storm on Friday as his praise for Fidel Castro was spread hours before the Cuban dictator’s death was announced.

What exactly is wrong with liberals like him? It’s amazing that those who will claim to be standing up for the marginalized and the oppressed seem to be the most likely to romanticize dictators.
The NFL has lost a record number of viewers since Kaepernick’s national anthem protest. Have you too been protesting his protest? Let us know in the comments!