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9-Year-Old Boy Shows Us How All Americans Should Honor Our Veterans!

Kaiden Wade

Jeremiah Joseph O’Keefe III was a World War II veteran and an American hero who passed away last month at the age of 93.

O’Keefe was a decorated fighter pilot who with his wife raised 13 beautiful children.

After he died, a young boy can be seen on the side of a road with his hand over his heart, standing in the pouring rain honoring O’Keefe service to our country.

O’Keefe’s family was so touched by this boy’s kindness that they snapped a picture and shared it on social media to identify him. The boy was identified as Kaiden Wade and learned of the funeral procession while visiting his own grandmother.

One of O’Keefe’s daughters said that the image of the young boy standing in the rain will remain with her forever.

Kaiden is a wonderful young man and is a reminder of how all Americans should honor our veterans!

H/T: Sharebly

Please share this story with all your family and friends so that everyone knows the lengths all Americans should go to honor our men and women who protect our country!