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Kathie Lee’s Incredible Discussion of Faith and Darkest Times


With the loss of her beloved husband, former NFL football player Frank Gifford, one could have expected Kathie Lee to stay off air, where she hosts a portion of the TODAY show with Hoda on NBC. They might have expected platitudes on Frank and their married life and a sappy montage of photos. What most Americans weren’t expecting, but what they heard instead was an inspiring dissertation on the faith that kept Frank joyful and which has kept Kathie Lee afloat since his death.

On air this week, less than ten days following the loss of her husband, Kathie Lee told Hoda Kotb “The LORD giveth and the LORD taketh away.” She discussed Frank Gifford’s childhood growing up in the Depression, where he lived dozens of places across the United States while his father searched for work. This search is chronicled in his mother’s Bible, which still remains in the family today.

She said,

“When he was a little boy… they had nothing but they had their faith. Every time they moved to a new town his mother and father would put him and his siblings in church, every week, as a family. That kept them together as a family through the darkest darkest times. As a young child Frank welcomed Jesus into his heart and that remained with him for the rest of his life. He strayed from his faith on occasion, but his faith never left him.”

Kathie Lee went on to discuss a trip she and Frank took to Israel, the Holy Land, where they picked up stones, which is what the shepherds did. They gave them to their children, passing down their faith and love of Jesus.

Her inspiring words so soon after the loss of her husband will bring you hope and joy.

How has your faith sustained you?