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Katie Couric’s Anti-Gun Documentary Is SHOCKINGLY Deceitful!

Kaite Couric is out with a new documentary.

Her past documentary “Fed Up” criticized the food industry, arguing that large quantities of sugar in processed food are responsible for the obesity epidemic. The film also argues against GMO foods (a position no scientists hold) – and for some reason also criticizes the bottled water industry. Damn those companies that provide a service that we voluntarily use for our convenience.

Her latest film “Under The Gun” provides a propagandist view, this one favoring gun control. According to the film’s website, it “examines the events and people who have kept the gun debate fierce and the progress slow, even as gun deaths and mass shootings continue to increase.” A bizarre claim considering that we have half as many gun homicides as we did twenty years ago – but OK.

Let’s look at some glaring problems in the film.

First, she excluded interviews of scholars who provided a pro-gun point of view. Among them was economist and author John Lott, known for his groundbreaking book “More Guns, Less Crime.” According to Lott:

After over two hours of pre-interviews with Kristin Lazure, a Producer at Atlas Films, I was asked to travel to New York City to do an interview with Katie Couric for her new movie. As Kristin put it on July 14, 2015: “we are still very much interested in interviewing you to give the film greater balance.” During the pre-interviews, multiple times Kristin told me how much she appreciated my research and how important it was. Our interview in New York City was only supposed to last an hour, but ended up lasting almost 4 hours. Yet, none of the interview that I did was included in the movie . . .

And that’s not all. Those who did provide a pro-gun stance in the film had their interviews deceptively edited to make them look oblivious.

At one point in the movie, Couric asks a collection of Virginia gun owners, members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?” Watch what apparently happens next:
Except, that’s not really what happened next. Her question was answered immediately – while the documentary showed a non-existent ten seconds of silence as the pro-gun individuals appeared stumped.

Rather than greeting Couric’s question as some sort of mic-dropping moment, the gun-rights activists had multiple responses. One man argues that men and women who’ve served time and paid their debt to society shouldn’t lose their Second Amendment rights. Another argues that laws on the books clearly prohibit gun possession by certain classes of people. Say what you want about their answers, but they were answers.

H/T National Review

Here’s a much deserved parody of what a Couric apology would look like, courtesy of Reason Magazine:

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