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Reporter Asks Kanye West About His ‘Bravery’ – His Response Will FLOOR You!


During an interview with SHOWstudio earlier this week, Kanye West, the rap artist best known for making every situation about himself, actually took a question about ‘brave’ choices and turned the spotlight on the truly brave people in our country – firemen, police officers, and soldiers.

During a Q&A session with Kanye, one submission asked about certain ‘brave’ decisions Kanye has made in his music videos.

“Do these decisions feel brave at the time?” the interviewer asked. “Do you think you’re being brave?”

Here is Kanye’s response:

There’s nothing to be afraid of really. I don’t even want to take too much credit for being brave. I think it’s just a responsibility of ours as artists to give our truth at that time. And it’s as simple as that. Soldiers are brave. It’s their responsibility to go and fight for their country. Police officers are brave… Firefighters, it’s their responsibility to go into a fire. For us as an artist, it’s our responsibility to give our truth. So I just think, more than courage or bravery or anything, it’s just… honesty.

Watch the segment below…

That was honestly a surprising response from somebody who typically thinks the world revolves around him.

Comment: Has Kanye turned a corner and realized there are people out there whose contributions to society are even greater than his?



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