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Prominent Senator Will Vote For Trump But What She Said Next SUCKS!

kelly ayotte trump

Sen. Kelly Ayotte says she is voting for Donald Trump, but she isn’t going to endorse him. Isn’t that the same thing? If I vote for someone, I’m endorsing that person. Playing semantics. Essentially, she’ll vote for anyone that’s a Republican, no matter who.

Ayotte is a slave to the GOP no matter who is running for president. When Hillary Clinton wins, she will continue the same old song and dance story that has been plaguing Barack Obama from 6 years. Senator Ayotte is nothing more than just dead wood in the Senate with no intentions of accomplishing anything.

kelly ayotte trump

From The Hill:

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) said Monday that while Donald Trump speaks his mind, she doesn’t believe he’s always been honest and trustworthy.

“I think that he, you know, he certainly hasn’t had the big public issue as Hillary Clinton. Has he always been? No, I don’t think so,” she told the Union Leader when asked if the her party’s presidential nominee is “honest and trustworthy.”

Ayotte added that “in some ways he has been in terms of what he thinks, but you know I can’t speak to his whole history, so I don’t know every single thing that he’s done.”

The New Hampshire Republican, who faces a difficult reelection bid, has walked a fine line on Trump, arguing Monday there’s a “big difference” between supporting the billionaire by voting for him and endorsing him.

“This race I’ll be voting for our nominee, but I’m not endorsing. I have some disagreements with him, which I’ve been very clear on,” she said. “I’m glad to get his endorsement, thank him, that’s fine, but I think the issue is I disagree with him on a number of fronts.”

I am fairly sure that I’ve seen her name on a list of Republicans that vote Democrat.

Her semantic nitpicking is meaningless. If she’s saying she’s voting for the bloviating hairpiece, what does it matter if she’s “not” endorsing him? She just did.

What do you think of this non-endorsement endorsement? Would you support Ayotte in her bid for reelection? Share your comments below and let us know if you would pull the lever for this Senator who can’t make up her mind on how to make a decision.