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After Her Co-Host Quit, Kelly Ripa Received Some SHOCKING Advice!


This story keeps on going doesn’t it. It’s almost like those daytime soaps. This time, there’s a new character and her name is Kathy Lee Gifford. Gifford sat in the seat that Kelly Ripa now maintains. Giffords was very popular along with her co-host Regis Philbin for many years.

As we have covered this story the last few days, we’ve come to the conclusion that ABC and Disney did a very unprofessional, unethical move by not alerting host Kelly Ripa that her partner was leaving the show for a possible better position. She learned of the move 30 minutes before the entire world.

Gifford, who has been in the TV game for years knows Ripa to a degree and felt giving her some advice would help her going forward.

From Daily Mail:

Kathie Lee Gifford offered some advice on Tuesday to fellow morning hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan.

The 62-year-old TV personality chimed in during a visit to the FOX411 studio in New York City the same day that Kelly returned to Live! with Kelly And Michael show.

‘Be totally professional. I would keep anything that is going on between you private,’ Kathie Lee said.

‘It’s nobody’s business but yours. But always, always be professional at your job. That’s what you’re hired to do,’ she added.

Kelly, 45, skipped work for a week after being blindsided with the announcement that her co-host Michael Strahan was leaving their show to work full-time on ABC’s Good Morning America.

The 44-year-old former football star was slated to leave in September to join GMA where he has been contributing for a few days a week for the past two years.

It was revealed after Kelly’s return that Michael would be leaving early.

Ripa has heard some bad feedback after she didn’t show up for work, being self-centered and also petulant. Let me say after watching this, she was not asking them to get her approval about the move. She felt that she deserved respect, consideration, open communication from ABC & Disney, but they blindsided her instead.

If you watch this morning show that includes Ripa, drop us some comments below and let us know if you think Gifford advice will help Ripa out going forward.


Comments on “After Her Co-Host Quit, Kelly Ripa Received Some SHOCKING Advice!”

  1. Lamar says:

    I did not like michael from the start. Good riddance.