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This Kickass Warship Is for Sale — With 99% Off!


It’s Monday morning, and as you climb into your kiddie-soiled Toyota, or onto the vagrant-soiled subway car, you may think to yourself:

I wish I could afford to commute to work in style.

Well now you can! The only catch is that you must live near water. And have $180,000 to spend.

Behold the Lockheed-Martin HSV Sea-Slice, an experimental military-grade ship capable of doing 30 knots even in rough seas.

At 105-tonnes of awesomeness, the Sea-Slice typically costs $15 million, but one motivated seller in San Diego is willing to let his go for just $180,000.

Oh, and don’t worry about leaving your helicopter behind when you take your new ship out for a spin/deadly attack. There’s plenty of room on the back for luggage, including rockets, machine guns, and whatever else you can find on eBay.

Would you pay $180,000 for a ship like this? How would you like to get to work in the morning? Let us know below!