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Do You Think This Little Girl Deserved This Severe a Punishment?

kid punished

An 8 year old girl in Malaysia was chained to a lamp post as a punishment for skipping school, and the horrifying incident was caught on camera by multiple onlookers.

The girl in the pictures can be seen crying and sucking her thumb while being chained to the pole.

The incident happened outside in the car park by the family’s apartment on Wednesday afternoon. Multiple individuals tried to free the little girl but she was chained with two padlocks, and was forced to stand there for over an hour before police finally arrived.

kid punished

The girl told police that she was chained to the pole for failing to attend a mandarin class at her school in Kuala Lumpur. The police eventually tracked down the unemployed mother and took her in for questioning before she was eventually released.

kid punished

H/T: Mirror

Do you think this mother when too far in punishing her child? Have you ever seen something like this? Share your thoughts below!