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Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Fertility Struggle

kim kardashian

Celebrity gossip magazine US Weekly deemed the first episode of this season’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians to be “TMI,” shorthand for too much information. Kim Kardashian spends the entire episode of the reality show about her family, fixated on one thing: baby-making. Not necessarily the sexual aspect of it but the actual act of making a baby. The magazine gives a rundown of the episode:

The reality star spent the hour obsessing about her ovulation schedule as she and West tried to conceive a sibling for daughter North, and frequently reached overshare territory with her musings.

The following is a chronological compilation of every lurid detail Kardashian shared about the aforementioned schedule, West’s sperm, bathroom quickies, and everything else you really didn’t need to know about the couple’s sex life.

Kardashian’s fertility struggles aren’t a secret, and with this episode and its frank discussions of ovulation and pressure, Kim opened herself up to criticism (like what was found in US Weekly) over her struggle. Kim is clearly troubled by the difficulty they face in giving their toddler, North West, a sibling. The episode is only an hour long, however Kim manages to bring up her fertility issues no less than a dozen times.

Despite the superficial nature of the reality show, Kim gives voice to many women and couples facing infertility themselves. Infertility is a taboo topic in our society, and with the large platform Kim has with her family’s reality show, she might give others the confidence to seek help and be more open with their own struggles.

The tagline for the celebrity gossip magazine is “Stars: They’re Just Like US!” and it hasn’t been more fitting in regards to the Kardashians than it was during this first episode. While few Americans deal with a close family member making a sex change, many more battle infertility, as many as 1 in 10. During the episode an exasperated Kim exclaims, “It’s so frustrating. [My sister] Kourtney just sneezes and gets pregnant. Like, not everyone is like that.” If US Weekly really wanted to showcase how celebrities are just like the general public, they would applaud, not mock, Kardashian’s openness on her struggles.