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What the Koch Brothers Just Did Has Got the Liberals Mad!


If you are foolish enough to watch MSNBC or read the Huffington Post, then you know that billionaire philanthropists Charles and David Koch are racist crooks.

Forget the fact that they have used their money to bankroll museums, hospitals, and universities, they are evil damn it! Keith Olbermann said so!

So imagine how surprised the liberals are going to be when they discover that Koch Industries, the company owned by the brothers has just banned job application questions about criminal background checks.

Both Charles and David Koch, you see, are passionate about criminal justice reform, and ending the school-to-prison pipeline that has blighted so many communities. And unlike so many billionaires who talk about problems without trying to solve them, the Koch’s are hoping their decision will enable  people from broken communities to be able to get a job, escape poverty, and leave the mistakes they made in the past behind.

It looks as though the Kochs, to paraphrase Mr. Olbermann, are some of the best people in the world.