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Krauthammer Clobbers Obama’s Warped View of America’s Standing on the World Stage – Watch!


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer responded to President Obama’s recent assertion that he has restored the United States’ place on the world stage as “the most respected country on earth,” by asking ‘what planet is he living on?’  (That’s an easy one – the planet of lollipops and unicorns.)

“It’s not just … our enemies who have no respect for us,” he explained. “It’s our allies. You think the Ukrainians respect us, or the Pols? The Lithuanians? How about the Saudis? How about the Bahranis?”

Krauthammer went on to remind viewers that the King of Bahrain was supposed to attend a summit at Camp David, but instead stiffed Obama for a ‘horse show in England.’

Watch Krauthammer unload on the President …

Obama is clearly not living on the same planet as his fellow Americans.

In 2014, a Gallup poll showed in a landslide, more Americans believed Obama is not respected by other world leaders than believe he is.

And in 2012 a poll involving respondents in 21 countries indicated the President’s policies were already weakening world support for America.

And even back in 2010, when “Hope and Change” were still fairly fresh, two left-leaning organizations warned that the United States was less respected in the world than just two years earlier.

So what planet do you, our readers, believe President Obama is living on?


Comments on “Krauthammer Clobbers Obama’s Warped View of America’s Standing on the World Stage – Watch!”

  1. K Thomas says:

    Krauth is a disappointed psychiatrist I have heard. Having attended Harvard I had believed he may have learned a lot about the world, Communism, Social Justice etc. His rants and writings often disappoints me. Like many Fox paid writers amnd screamers, he has lowered himself , and his alma mater.
    We all have our opinions, and we may change some as we grow, learn and adapt, for the better. To call Obama names, because of one of his speeches or writings or heresa , is foolish and reveals the sad state of our modern political experts, and head rollers on TV