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Krauthammer: Hillary’s E-Mail Scandal Is Illegal and Far From Over


Explaining to viewers that the e-mail scandal for Hillary Clinton was from over, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer laid out the bleak bottom line for the former Secretary of State – she’s either guilty of committing a felony or perjury.

Earlier today, an ex-Department of Justice lawyer explained that government employees are required to sign a “separation” form upon leaving service.

Via Fox News:

The form — OF109 — certifies that the person who signs it has turned over all “classified or administratively controlled” materials, as well as all “unclassified documents and papers” relating to official government business.

It’s unclear whether Clinton indeed signed that document.

The DOJ lawyer explained that if she signed the document then “there’s no question [she broke the law].”

Krauthammer concurred, saying if she did not sign the document “then what she did is to leave without turning over government documents, which I believe is a felony.”

The alternative he explained was that Clinton did actually sign it, meaning her confession to deleting State Department e-mails means she perjured herself.

Here is a rough transcript (H/T Daily Caller):

KRAUTHAMMER: It’s not over. It’s got legs. It’s got long legs. It’s got legs because the AP has now sued the State Department to get access to her emails. Because three committees in the House are going to sue to get access or subpoena her emails because we are now in a position where we are arguing over what is the proper meaning of the word ‘is.’

I said that a week ago and I did it as a joke. With the Clintons, you can’t make this stuff up. We are actually returning to it depends what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is, and I think what the Judge [Andrew Napolitano] is explaining…has raised is a very serious issue. If she did not sign the document, then what she did, the one on separation, then what she did is to leave without turning over government documents, which I believe is a felony. I don’t see how you could interpret it either way. If she signed it, it’s perjury. If she didn’t, then she left with government documents, which is illegal. So, now we have the legal issues.

I’m sure the Clintons will invent a parsing of the words, it depends what a document means. It depends what ‘is’ is. But I do want to say one thing about what the Obama people are saying in astonishment. I suspect that ‘what the hell’ is a loose translation of what they actually said.

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So there you have it – What do our readers think? Did Hillary commit a felony, perjury, or nothing at all?