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Krauthammer Levels the Obama Administration! Compares the President to This Famous Liar!


Everyone remembers Baghdad Bob from the Iraq War, the Minister of Information for Saddam Hussein who on a daily basis would predict American failure and deny the invasion of Baghdad, even as American tanks could be seen on the horizon.

The name Baghdad Bob has become synonymous with somebody who confidently declares something that the rest of the world sees as false.

Syndicated columnist, Charles Krauthammer, is hammering the Obama administration for “sounding like Baghdad Bob” when discussing their failed strategy to stop the spread of ISIS in Iraq.

Despite city after city falling to ISIS, State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf declared there will be “no formal strategy review.”  The President also believes their strategy is working and that they’ve simply suffered some minor setbacks.

“They’re losing, everybody understands that,” Krauthammer retorted.

Gen. Jack Keane, former Vice Chief of Staff for the Army, recently echoed those sentiments at an Armed Services Committee hearing, saying “We are not only failing, we are losing this war.”

Krauthammer expanded on that reality…

Via Fox News Insider:

Krauthammer said that the Obama administration is “sounding like Baghdad Bob during the invasion of Iraq.”

“They’re losing, everybody understands that,” he said.

“ISIS, it wasn’t only that it took over in Iraq, but it took over…the city of Palmyra in Syria, which gives them control of half of Syria, and later in the day today, they took over a crucial crossing point between Syria and Iraq, essentially erasing the frontier and making it easier to resupply Ramadi,” Krauthammer explained.

Krauthammer said that “these are huge strategic gains” and that “they are not tactical defeats.”

Comment: Has the Obama administration embarrassed themselves by whistling through the graveyard when it comes to ISIS? Who do you think makes the better liar – Marie Harf, or Baghdad Bob?