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“La La Land” Captures The Spirit Of Classic Hollywood!

There hasn’t been a good movie musical in decades, and many consider the genre dead. But don’t tell that to the cast and crew of La La Land. A modern take on the classic movie musical.

If you love An American in Paris, Singing in the Rain¬†or anything else starring Fred and Ginger, you might fall in love all over again. Emma Stone and Ryan Goselin sing and dance in familiar yet unique ways through the streets and skies of modern LA. ¬†There’s no rap or covers of Top 40 pop. Just beautiful, original singing and dancing. Such a rarity now-a-days that the movie seems out of place with today’s cookie-cutter Hollywood. But it’ll bring back warm memories of a Hollywood of the past. This is truly a love-letter to the classic Hollywood musical.

Watch the trailers below.

Doesn’t it just look beautiful and original but also something you’ve seen before?

The movie premieres in December. Until then, I plan on humming along to the trailers. The movie is already winning awards and is a heavy Oscar favorite.

Have a favorite classic musical? Share it in the comments!