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Git R Done! Larry The Cable Guy Just Made His Presidential Endorsement!


Larry the Cable Guy has entertained millions of Americans with his comedy for years and now he has just made those same Americans extremely happy!

Appearing on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning, Larry said that Hillary Clinton will be the “end of the country.”

From Daily Caller:

“I know who I’m not voting for,” he said. “I’ll give you the initials — Hillary Clinton. This election is so crazy because I want to change.”

“I like Trump, but some of things he says are outrageous, so you just don’t know. It’s kind of like the choice is, ‘Do I want to poop my pants or do I want someone else to poop my pants? I think I’ll poop my own pants.’”

“It’s not like it used to be. If you pick somebody, people want to beat you up, give you death threats. Nobody’s civil. Ever since social media came along, everybody’s a jerk. So if you say, ‘I kind of like Trump, I kind of like the things he says,’ you’re always a racist.”

“It’s so frustrating, but you know, Hillary will be the end of the country.”

Are you happy that Larry the Cable Guy has finally come out against Hillary? Share your thoughts below!