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Is The Las Vegas Attack A Terrorist Attack? Here’s What Police Say

Las Vegas

Authorities have announced charges against the woman who they say intentionally drove her car onto a sidewalk on the Las Vegas strip, injuring over 30 people and killing 1.

She will of course be defended by those who say she’s had a rough life. So what? She knows right from wrong and backed up to keep hitting people. She wanted to hurt people, she did murder one, so far, and should be held accountable.

Police say the woman, identified as Lakeisha N. Holloway, age 24, will face a murder charge in the incident which they describe as “obviously showing intent.”

According to a CNN Report:

Authorities ruled out terrorism but said an initial investigation showed the driver did it deliberately.

“This was not an act of terrorism,” said Brett Zimmerman, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department deputy chief. “We are treating this as an intentional act.”

The driver, who is in her 20s, went onto the sidewalk at least three or four times, according to Zimmerman.

Las Vegas

Police say at this time, the woman may have been under the influence of some type of stimulant.

The Democrats are obsessed with “New Gun Laws,” but the problem is that crazy or deranged people have no respect for life. Until Dumb-o-crats figure out that they need to deal with people being crazy, these types of malicious tragedies will continue to happen. It doesn’t matter if it was a gun, a car, a bomb, or a kitchen knife, someone still died. Crazy people will do crazy things, and it doesn’t matter by what means they use to do it.

Of course the solution offered will be that the white mayor, police chief, all must be replaced by a Victim-Americans.


What would you do? What type of charges would you bring to this young lady? Do you need more time to make your mind? Share your thoughts below in our comment section.



  1. Alice says:

    One scary witch.

  2. Rick says:

    PS: did police test for drugs? Look at that face, do you see a rocket scientist or doper? Perhaps being a moron or an idiot (degrees of clinical lack of intelligence) could be a defence.

  3. Rick says:

    First, she’s not a lady, she’s a woman. A lady doesn’t commit vehicular murder or any murder. Vile acts cancel one’s ladyship.
    Second, murder an several counts of attempted murder should suffice for the death penalty. What a Christmas this is for all the victims!

  4. Jennifer says:

    So are they going to ban THESE “dangerous” assault weapons too?