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At Last, America! The First MUSICAL Political Ad!

Last month, Headline Politics introduced you to poor Natalie Bennett, the hapless leader of the radical Green Party in the UK.

She’s currently in the middle of an election, trying hard to get voters to cast a ballot for her anti-growth, anti-freedom agenda.

And here, confirming that poor Natalie is a few turbines short of a windfarm, is her party’s latest ad. Yes, it’s a musical ad. With a boy band:

Don’t be afraid to say it: the song is quite funny, and the singers sure know how to carry a tune. But we’ve got to wait another two weeks to see if this ditty will change anyone’s mind: that’s when the Brits go to the polls.

Let us know what you think of this ad in the comments section below:


Comments on “At Last, America! The First MUSICAL Political Ad!”

  1. Juanita says:

    There is no utopia as long as man has his sin nature. The singing is quite good – and not too clear on exactly what they are saying to the public. I believe in Capitalism working best – NOT CRONY CAPITALISM where government and industry / business are in bed together against the people. I believe the best form of government is a representative republic – where the candidates are not part of the “rich boys club” – but from the population – with term limits, so a fresh batch of citizens are serving each time. Then there will be government for the people, by the people. The only King who will be a truly benevolent King, will be our Lord taking His throne. Any lesser king is just a tyrant – “absolute power absolutely corrupts.” Texas Lady Juanita signing off.